The cirrus clouds sweep high above the glassy lake, their spectres reflected in the waters. A tornado tears its way across the North Dakota countryside. A stray shaft of light illuminates the dark recesses of an Arizona slot canyon. Recent rain turns a modest waterfall into a spectacular cataract. Autumn takes a picturesque mountain to the next level. Early morning sun against fog creates an ethereal fogbow. Brilliant fall colors reflect spectacularly off the Erie Canal. Sparkling blue eyes reflect the mischievous nature of a Ragdoll cat. And at every turn, my finger depresses the shutter and freezes the magical moment for all time. Make these moments yours.

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Hi! My name is Mark Rosengarten. My camera is with me at all times because you never know when the perfect moment will present itself to capture. I use a Canon 5D Mark III and edit in Lightroom. My favorite subject is clouds in every possible form, especially when presented behind a dramatic naturescape.

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7.Maria Malone(non-registered)
Hey Mark finally got to your website. Wow fantastic and awesome pics finally can enjoy them instead of rushing during or limited appointments. See you at your next recall visit.
5.George J. Dagis(non-registered)
Your level of expertise and your artist's eye have combined to produce some of the best photography that I have seen. Thank you for your contributions to this genre.
4.Bob Schiffman
Whilst viewing some of your photos, I found myself immersed in the emotional content of the pictures. Very nice indeed!
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