18.Linda Boomhower(non-registered)
My first visit to your website and I'm in awe! Such fabulous photographs.
15.Chip Alsdorf(non-registered)
Outstanding, can't wait for Christmas to make an order! You really have an eye for color. CA
14.Jeanne Tompkins(non-registered)
Great photos. I thought the show was today and went online to get directions. I see I missed it.
We will go to the next one. Love this site
13.Eva Q(non-registered)
I love your site. It's absolutely gorgeous!
Hey Mark.................told you- you should have taught ES................:)>
Your photos are great...............composition and timing....wow.....
Enjoy the new venture........
Karla P
7.Maria Malone(non-registered)
Hey Mark finally got to your website. Wow fantastic and awesome pics finally can enjoy them instead of rushing during or limited appointments. See you at your next recall visit.
5.George J. Dagis(non-registered)
Your level of expertise and your artist's eye have combined to produce some of the best photography that I have seen. Thank you for your contributions to this genre.
4.Bob Schiffman
Whilst viewing some of your photos, I found myself immersed in the emotional content of the pictures. Very nice indeed!
3.Jennifer Albert(non-registered)
Beautiful composition. They make me want to be there, not sitting here in my lab!
1.Janice Cook-Rowe(non-registered)
I love your photography. I think the one of the locks, with the bridge is one of my top 5 favorites. keep taking pictures you have a good eye!
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